Payroll differences between usa and canada

3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Payroll Processing Ability

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Is it better to outsource your payroll processing service or to keep it in house? This is a common question that many businesses come across at some point or another. As you grow your business and employee numbers, you are likely to find it more difficult to keep up with human resource and payroll processing tasks. It is important to regularly evaluate your financial and HR needs to ensure that you are making the best decision. If you are currently evaluating your need for outsourced payroll processing firm service, consider the following situations.

Are you keeping up with current payroll?
How are you or your in house team currently keeping up with the payroll services? Do you find it difficult to get them completed every paycheck time? Are your employee?s c (more…)

16 May 2017

3 Great Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll When Hiring Canadian Workers

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So you’re thinking about hiring Canadian workers, eh? Our neighbors to the north are some of the hardest working people on the planet, and there are tons of qualified candidates waiting for their phone to ring. The only problem with hiring Canadian workers is adjusting to their country’s employment standards, which are often much different than those of the U.S. and other countries.

Thankfully, you have the option to outsource your payroll processing services to companies that are well-versed in Canadian employment practices. (more…)

18 Sep 2015