Articles on personal finance really help my investment game


Personal finance

When it comes to my money managing concerns, I have a few different sources I rely on to get advice so I know where, when, and what to invest. Besides my broker, who gives fairly good advice on a consistent basis, and those investment shows on CNN and MSNBC, I also like to read through various personal finance articles that I come across in the plethora of financial magazines out there. Within the pages of these magazines, I can find many articles about personal finance that hit on a wide range of topics within the investment field. I find some of these articles to be completely relevant to my interests at the time, and while some of the articles are not, they do provide me with an ever broadening understanding of how the investment game works, and I feel that this understanding will only benefit my investment game as I grow older.

The personal finance tips I find in these articles cover topics as broad as what stocks make good long term investments to good investment strategies for getting a good return in a short period of time. One of the biggest advantages of personal finance articles is that you can hold on to them, and reference them again and again if necessary. The stock market and financial game in general can be an infuriatingly convoluted game to play at times, and these personal finance articles make better reference guides for me than some big, thick, dry book on finance, or recording Money Matters and trying to find the exact thing said that is relevant to my interests. Being short, to the point, and well written (most of the time), personal finance articles help me keep my game sharp, and in the finance game, a sharp game translates into money.

The only thing that can be annoying about finding the personal finance articles that will help me out with my investment game, is having to sludge my way through all the other extraneous crap I find in these magazines. Well, really that is the way any magazine is nowadays, that is why sometimes I turn to the internet and search for personal finance articles there. It also helps searching online when I am looking for something specific, like a personal finance article on the prospects for some specific stock or some other piece of information I need at that moment.

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