How a New Pharmacy POS System Can Increase Store Security


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Managing an independent pharmacy is tough — there’s no way around it. Not only do you have to manage prescription medications and controlled substances, but you also have to manage the non-prescription drug tasks, like keeping shelves stocked and keeping prices low, so that your small pharmacy can compete with the bigger ones. To add to the stress, it’s no secret that pharmacies are often targets for thieves, and a small store with very few security features is an even easier target.

One preventative security measure you can take — and something that you’ve probably never thought about as a security feature — is to update your POS system and switch to a software that had been designed specifically with small pharmacies in mind. Of course, a new pharmacy POS system doesn’t have the ability to catch someone in the act of stealing, and it can’t magically replace items that have already been stolen. But it can help you and your employees become more aware of what’s happening in your store.

First of all, pharmacy POS software is designed to provide the fastest transactions possible, and the most accurate real-time sales numbers possible, without sacrificing the security of personal information. A string of high-profile businesses have had their POS networks hacked, allowing thieves to steal personal information from hundreds of thousands of people, and the most alarming part about these stories is that the security breaches went unnoticed for a while — for months, in some cases. Quite simply, consumers are more wary about digital transactions than ever before, and a POS system that’s just a few years old could be lacking essential features that will protect the information of both the pharmacy and its customers.

Second of all, many pharmacy POS systems are beginning to run on special mobile devices (rather than on a traditional cash register), which allows the pharmacy staff to spend less time behind the counter and more time helping customers in the aisles. Not only will your valued customers appreciate the extra care that your staff can give, but it will be easier than ever to monitor products and check sales records if a shelf looks oddly empty.

We know that a new pharmacy POS system isn’t a perfect substitution for traditional security measures, but it certainly is a valuable preventative measure that will only help your business in the long run. And when you own a small business and have to compete against all those bigger stores, you deserve all the extra help you can get. For more about this, go here.

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