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If you seem to be spending more money on paying bills and other financial obligations than you have coming in, you are not alone. It is estimated that for around 40 percent of American households, their spending exceeds their income. In 2009, the average American carried a credit card debt of 8,400 dollars. Student loan debt in the United States has reached record proportions.

What can be done? Well, like in most cases the old saying that knowledge is power applies. Smart Americans can start by reading personal finance articles. Financial consultants, money managers, investment consultants and other experts often write articles that give personal finance tips.

Simple mathematics tells us that we should not spend more money than we make. Real life makes living within our means a little more difficult. For a lot of us, what we have been doing has left us with either less money than we would like or, even worse, we have gotten ourselves into debt. Educating ourselves by reading articles about personal finance certainly could not hurt.

There is help for us in the personal finance articles that have been written by experts. Some have advice for people who are unemployed, or have a lot of credit card debt, or are facing the foreclosure of their homes. There is advice on how to get back on your feet.

There are also personal finance articles for those who are fortunate enough to be caught up financially. There are tips on how to protect your assets, and how to plan for your family’s future. Parents can learn how to save for their childrens college education, or how to start planning for their own retirements. Personal finance articles often contain good investment advice, too.

No matter what your current financial situation is, if you are like most Americans it could probably be better. Whether you are in debt, strapped for cash this month, or have money to invest there is help available. Reading personal finance articles can help.

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