The Top Three Things You Didn’t Know About Accountants that Make Them Interesting


How to choose an accountant

Many may think that accountants are boring, but that certainly isn’t so. Here are three ways that accountants are actually some of the most interesting people you may meet:

1. They Make or Break Businesses

When people think about business and who makes it happen, they often think about some corporate executive in a sleek suit and a fake smile. There’s more to business than a briefcase though. The people they should picture are good accountants! No business could grow to any considerable size without good accountants. Not only do they keep track of the businesses cash flow and help to make financial decisions, they also shield the business from any legal repercussions due to mathematical error in their books. A business without an accountant is a business without a future, so it’s important to figure out how to find an accountant for small businesses and big ones alike.

2. Sometimes They Make Great Entertainers

Not all accountants are just stiff paper pushers! Some are actually extremely talented and motivated. For example, Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, Bob Newhart, and John Grisham all studied accounting before they flung themselves into a life of entertaining. At least we know they were capable of handling the money they made in show business!

3. They Started a War

Finding an accountant can be tough, but there have been worse things to happen with accountants. For example, the French Revolution was an extremely bloody war, but one of the major issues that sparked it was the salt tax levied on the people. It was so unfair and despised that the common folk rallied against it to overthrow the government! Fortunately, all most people have to worry about today is making sure our tax returns are correct. This is a great source for more.

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