Four Steps to Sell Your Gold the Right Way


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In 2014, the price of gold is still rising, making right now the best time to sell your gold.

Haven’t tried to buy and sell gold before? Don’t worry — the process is simple enough, and you should have no trouble trying to sell your gold to places that buy gold!

To learn more about how to sell gold coins or jewelry for extra cash, simply follow these steps. You will be well on your way to earning money you can spend for precious metals lying around the house!

Here are the four steps you should take to sell your gold successfully:

1. Calculate your gold’s value yourself: There are a number of ways you can find out how much your gold is worth before you bring it to a buyer. You can find inexpensive gold weighing kits online, or you can weigh your gold on a scale at home and convert its weight to troy ounces, the measuring unit for gold. You should also know the karat value of your gold. By knowing how much your gold is worth, you can anticipate how much buyers should be paying you for it.

2. Research gold buyers: You definitely shouldn’t sell your gold to the first gold buyer you visit. As gold prices have risen, so has the number of gold buying shops that are less than reputable. A great resource for researching gold buyers is the Better Business Bureau’s website — there, you can find customer reviews and complaints about gold buyers. Don’t sell your gold to a buyer who will pay you less than you deserve!

3. Shop your gold around: As stated above, never sell your gold to the first buyer you take it to. You should seek appraisals from a few different gold buyers so you can compare their offers with one another and ultimately make the best choice that will result in the best payback for your valuables.

4. Sell your gold: After you’ve done the above three things, you can finally sell your gold with confidence that you’re getting the best amount of money for your belongings. With just a little practice, selling gold can be a fun way to earn some extra cash. Find more on this here.

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