Your Payroll Could Be Failing You, and You Don’t Even Know It


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Nobody tells you, when you start a business, that there is a lot more involved in the payroll process than just cutting checks. Nobody tells you how expensive those tiny little tax mistakes can be. Nobody prepared you for the fury of your employees when you’re a day late with their paychecks.

Even after you’ve made all of those wonderful discoveries, there still may be holes in your payroll program that you don’t know about — and maybe no one else knows about them, either.

  • If you’re having trouble with HR issues, outsourcing your payroll program to an external payroll service can be a very good thing. Many companies offer HR support for sensitive employment issues, even if these issues go beyond the normal payroll processes.

  • If you employ international personnel, there are probably dozens of extra regulations you’re missing. Unfortunately, honest mistakes are often penalized just as severely as intentional “mistakes” and they can be pretty costly. Between different government policies and different currency values, cutting employee checks can actually be your worst nightmare come to life.

  • If you work in an environment where accidents may occur, it’s a good idea to have plans in place for accident compensation cases. To be honest, pretty much any workplace is at risk for accidents. Do you know how many people are fatally attacked each year by vending machines? More than the number of people who die from shark attacks. It’s true — look it up.

Many small companies really benefit from outsourcing their payroll program to a payroll processing service. Not only do processing companies offer basic payroll services, but they also provide extra things like HR support and legal support. Many companies offer superior online services, making it easier than ever to organize company info, keep employee details safe, and get help whenever — and wherever — you need it. No matter what you’re looking for in a payroll program provider, there are certainly enough services out there to find your perfect match.

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