What Should My Budget Be When Buying an Engagement Ring?


Are you in the market to buy an engagement ring for your partner? It’s important that you create a budget for this purchase. Of course, you may want to get your partner the most beautiful ring out there, but you can do this on a budget. You can purchase a wedding ring for only a few thousand dollars, but it could look like it costs way more. There are beautiful wedding rings that you can buy when working with a budget. But, what is a reasonable cost for three stone engagement rings?

In this video, this expert will go over the financial sides of buying an engagement ring and how you can figure out what you can afford and what you can’t. He gives Grant some advice on how much he should budget for an engagement ring for his partner.

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This expert states that his rule of thumb is to not spend more than one month’s income. So, say you make $60,000 a year, for one month, you may be making $5,000. This expert states that you shouldn’t go over this number and that this price could probably get you a beautiful engagement ring. Watch this entire video to hear everything this expert has to say on this topic.


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