Key Characteristics of Criminal Law Attorneys and How They Can Get You Your Money


If a person has been injured by the negligence of a criminal law attorney, they may have grounds to sue. Before one goes to court, it’s essential to understand some key characteristics of criminal law attorneys and how they can help get you the money you deserve (video).

Criminal law attorneys are hired by the government or private parties. They argue cases in court and investigate suspects to gather evidence.

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They also conduct interviews with witnesses and victims, cross-examine them in court, and defend their clients during trial.

Criminal law attorneys are typically paid a flat fee or an hourly rate. Many will charge more for an initial consultation than for subsequent visits with the same client. Before hiring a criminal law attorney, ask about their fees and compare them to other firms.

A reasonable criminal law attorney has experience handling cases involving violent crimes, sexual assault, drug offenses, weapons offenses, white-collar crimes, or any other matter that may lead to a penalty or sentence of imprisonment. They should be familiar with local laws and federal laws regarding these types of crimes. Contact home for more details!


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