5 Things Your Criminal Defense Attorney Must Do


When a person is facing federal charges, they need the best federal criminal defense lawyer. The prospect of jail time and other harsh criminal penalties make it a good idea for people to hire the best criminal defense attorneys. Criminal defense attorneys do so many things regarding cases, but there are five main ones they must do.

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Which ones are these?

According to the narrator in the video, a criminal defense attorney needs to investigate the charges against their client. The attorney should check what their client is being charged for, the laws about the specific charge, and the potential sentencing.

The second thing a criminal attorney should do is check the evidence. They should compare the evidence and the charges to see what they can do to make the case favor their client.

The third thing a criminal attorney should do is defend their client’s rights. For instance, check if the arresting officers violated their client’s rights.

The fourth thing a criminal attorney should do is negotiate deals for their clients. Ideally, no client wants to take a deal, but if it’s the best outcome, they should.

The fifth thing a criminal attorney should do is take a case to trial. However, they will only do this if they’re certain there will be a favorable outcome.

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