How Dental Brokers Help with Practice Transitions


Many dentists are increasingly selling their practices. Dental brokers connect buyers with sellers and ensure that the business does not end when the founder leaves. The video shows how a dental practice broker can get the word out to other dentists interested in acquiring existing practices.
When looking for a dental broker, pick one with experience and who can give references to other dentists who have helped sell their practices.

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Usually, if you assist a dentist in selling their business, you will become friends. The dental brokerage business is relationship based.
One of the tasks dental brokers take away from the dentist is marketing. It is essential to get the word out to potential buyers. Experienced dental brokers use a range of methods to reach buyers. They do it subtly to ensure that only those interested in keeping the relationships and the practice alive purchase it.
When selling a dental practice, talk to the selling dentist. Also, meet and get to know their staff and customer profile. Depending on how long the dentist has practiced, they may have built lasting relations with staff and customers. For a smooth transition, dental brokers ensure that existing relationships are maintained and nurtured even with the new team.

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