Is it the Right Time to Buy a House?


Buying your first house is an exciting moment in life. It requires a lot of saving and hard work to get to that point. Unfortunately, the housing market recently has been severely inflated. The pandemic has driven housing and rental prices through the roof. In this video, you will learn about whether it is still a good idea to buy a house in this
real estate market.

In this episode of the Ramsey Show, Kurt calls in to ask whether he should buy a house near his new potential job or rent instead. He has approximately $90,000 in savings and plans on moving to the northern part of Florida. The first advice given is that he should work on his connections and have his number one priority be finding that right job. The right job will then dictate where it makes the most sense to get a house. However, with the real estate market as inflated as it is, Dave recommends that he rent an apartment to begin with. While renting in the area, Kurt can look for a good deal on a house. The trick is to be patient for a good deal to come along.


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