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Valuing Your Business Is an Inexact Science

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Selling a business is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to determining its value. Unlike with a house or piece of commercial property, there isn’t really a standardized way to appraise businesses. Though you can put solid values on physical assets, it is much harder to value intangible assets such as patents. Still, when trying to sell your small business, it is important to find appropriate small business comps. Here are some tips for going about the valuation process.

When looking to value your business for a sale, there are two things you need to work out at the start: why you need the business valuation and assembling all the documents you will need for the valuation.

Determining why you need the valuation is usually pretty clear, (more…)

10 May 2016

The 3 Approaches to Business Valuation

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What is your business worth? In reality, this question is quite subjective. There is no one way to establish the worth of a business because business value can mean different things to different people. For instance, you might think that your company’s connection to the community is worth a lot while your investors feel that the value of your business is based entirely on income. The value of your business can change from one moment to the next depending on a variety of different factors related to the economy and other social aspects of the community in which you are established.

Business valuation is a process that determines what a business is worth in financial terms; it is largely an economic analysis exercise. There are two things you must do before you can establish the value of your company. (more…)

29 Apr 2016

6 Tips for Getting the Right Small Business Valuation for Your Company

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Finding an accurate valuation for your business may be more challenging that you think it should be. As counter intuitive as it may seem, your small business valuation is not absolute. It can be impacted by the reasons you are doing the small business valuation. The key elements in determining your business’s value are how you plan to measure it and what your circumstances are for calculating it.

6 Tips for Determining Your Small Business Valuation:

  1. Compile your data. The first thing most small business valuation experts say you need to do is get all of your data together. Get all of your financial data together (more…)

25 Apr 2016