4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Title Loan


Most families have what they need to survive, but not many have the resources to cover emergencies that arise. Personal loans are often resorted to when these emergencies arise. There are typically three reasons that families need a personal loan with vehicle expenses coming in first, bill upkeep coming in second and personal emergencies finishing the list in third. When considering a car title personal loan, keep these things in mind.

Amount Needed

When considering car title loans you should ask yourself how much money you are needing and expecting to get from your car title. When you find yourself in an emergency situation needing money fast it can be hard to determine the exact amount of money that is needed, but this number is important. The average title loan that is secured by a car title is around $1,000. While this number may not seem very high, it’s important to consider that almost 70% of Americans don’t even have this much money saved for emergency situations. You should be sure to consider how much money you need to keep you from needing another loan later, but not more than what you need, because repayment could be difficult.

Pay Back

This is another important consideration. You should consider how much money you need, and you should compare this with how quickly you can pay the loan back. The interest rate on title loans will be better if you can pay the loan off quicker rather than taking more time to pay it off. Knowing your limit when it comes to short term loans will help keep you from getting in over your head. You don’t want to bit off more than you can chew and find yourself struggling for months trying to pay down a loan. Getting only what you need will help with this, and figuring out your finances and crunching numbers can help you pay down the loan quicker.

Car’s Value

While there is no way to determine exactly how much your car is worth until you actually visit the title loan providers facility, having a ball park range is still a good idea. There are a few ways that you can estimate your car’s value before hand. It is important to consider your options when it comes to getting a loan from title loan providers or just selling your car. Title loan providers simple perform a quick inspection of your car which involves walking around your car and inspecting things inside and out. An internet search, on the other hand can provide information on how much your car is worth. Typically you enter car’s make and the model, the mileage and what type of condition it is in to get an estimate. You don’t want to get a small loan when you could easily sell your car for four times as much as your loan will give you.

Car Use

Another important consideration is whether you can still use your car during the duration of the loan. This will also come into play when determining how fast you can pay off the loan. Most title loan providers do not keep the car while you are paying off the loan. This allows you to still commute to and from work while you are paying off the loan. This is an important question that you should ask before deciding a title loan is best for you. Majority of title loan providers simply keep the title as collateral until the loan is paid off. Make sure to ask and ensure that this is the case before making a decision on title loan companies to go with for your short term loan.

These tips can help you make the best choice. There is nothing wrong with needing a loan or needing help. Everyone finds themselves in a sticky financial situation every now and then. Having resources to help meet financial emergencies are important and car title loans are one of those resources. Remember after getting the loan that successfully paying off the loan will help your emergency and keep your credit in check as well.

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