3 Great Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll When Hiring Canadian Workers


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So you’re thinking about hiring Canadian workers, eh? Our neighbors to the north are some of the hardest working people on the planet, and there are tons of qualified candidates waiting for their phone to ring. The only problem with hiring Canadian workers is adjusting to their country’s employment standards, which are often much different than those of the U.S. and other countries.

Thankfully, you have the option to outsource your payroll processing services to companies that are well-versed in Canadian employment practices. Outsourced payroll providers give you the freedom to hire the best possible candidate for the job without having to commit valuable resources to learn an entirely new set of employment regulations. Here are just a few benefits of an outsourced payroll provider:

    Different regulations between countries. Payroll and human resource (HR) management in Canada is extremely unique, and much different than in the U.S. For example, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recently identified small businesses as a great source of uncollected taxes, so they’re now focused on enforcing payroll tax policies on small businesses that their citizens work for. Sounds confusing, right? To be honest, it is. That’s why you need an outsourced payroll provider to keep up with these changing regulations while you worry about your business.

    Save time and money during tax season. There’s a good chance that tax season is your least favorite time of year if you work in payroll and HR. You already seemingly drown in a sea of paperwork as it is, so imagine how much your problem will be compounded when dealing with the tax forms of Canadian workers. An outsourced payroll provider can offer a payroll taxes calculator, fully equipped with the rules and regulations of Canadian tax policies to expedite the process.

    Ancillary benefits. In addition to payroll services, an outsourced payroll provider can offer HR management, ESA/OSHA compliance, and government remittances. Another huge benefit to outsourcing your payroll for Canadian workers is access to medical records, in addition to employer of record services. There are all things that you take for granted with American employees, but may find difficult to obtain if managing Canadian employees without a little help. A great outsourced payroll provider is your direct link to every piece of information you need about your new employee.

It simply isn’t feasible to comply with Canadian employee regulations on your own. Outsourcing will provide you with your own personal liaison to simplify the hiring process and keep everything running as smooth as maple syrup long after initial employment.

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