Are You Considering Selling Your Small Business?


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It has always been a little difficult to explain your job, so it should probably come as no surprise that you have also had a difficult time following the basic steps of programs that are supposed to help you with “calculating the worth of my business.”
You first started looking into the books that were supposed to help with “calculating the worth of my business” a few years ago when you thought that you were going to seek some outside funding to make a substantial investment in some marketing materials and website design. You really feel as if there are many of your assets that do not fit into any of the predetermined categories in their “calculating the worth of my business” formulas.
Have You Had Good Luck Determining the Worth of Your Small Business?
One of the things that makes small business so successful, and so challenging at the same time, is that they are all very unique. No two clothing boutiques, for instance, are exactly the same. No two educational service providers follow the exact same business plan. No small contracting business offers exactly the same kinds of services and skills that another company may feature. And while being unique may be exactly the reason that a small business can be successful, this uniqueness also makes it difficult to determine the valuation of a business whenever you are seeking a loan or deciding to buy or sell a business. Although many entities claim to offer the answer to “calculating the worth of my business,” it is important to make sure that a standard formula helps you take into account what makes your small business both unique and valuable.

  • Small business valuation is actually an exercise in economic analysis. It should come as no surprise, however, that the company financial information provides key inputs into the entire valuation process.
  • Making use of one of the 5,338 U.S. commercial banks is the way that many small business get the loans that they need. These banks also provide the funding for the potential buyers of many small businesses.
  • Any time you want to buy or sell a business it is important to make sure that you have a fair valuation.
  • Little things matter. Does the business you are buying come with a group of loyal customers and clients?
  • Leaving the details to the bank where you are getting your loan is not always enough. Many small business buyers want to make sure that they have performed their own market valuation process.

  • Balance sheet information is one of the two main financial statements needed for any business evaluation. The other is the income statement. By examining these two financial statements from the last three to five years a business valuation can be more accurate, more concise, and more understandable.
  • Until you get ready to sell a business you likely have not really had to face the task of determining the valuation of your company.
  • Spending time using the three business valuation appraisal methods can give you an accurate average of the worth of your business: comparing recent sales of similar businesses; determining the business? earning power and risk assessment; calculating a company?s assets.
  • It is estimated that only 47% of people in the U.S. trust their bank.
  • New buyers want to understand what assets the business purchase will include.
  • Every small business purchase is unique.
  • Sellers want to make sure that they are compensated for the years they have invested.
  • Small businesses purchases require careful valuation examination to make sure that the new buyer is not over paying for the purchase.

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