At What Point Do You Need a Financial Planner?


Whether you have a little money that you want to make into a lot, or have a lot of money that you want to protect, at some point you may ask yourself: Do I need a financial advisor? When? How do you know you can trust them with your money?

The answer to your first question is now. It is never a bad time to take charge of your financial future. Financial planning is essential to reaching your goals. That may be sending your kids to college, buying a house, or retiring in the Bahamas, but no matter the goal, you will need financial stability. That is what financial planners help you do.

The biggest mistake people make when thinking about hiring a financial planner is assuming that you are just handing your money over for them to play with as they please. If this is what your financial advisor is asking you to do — run.

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A good and trustworthy advisor will always ensure you are ultimately making the decisions. They may offer advice and do some research, but it is your money, therefore your choice.

Watch the video above for more details and advice so you can start planning your finances and reaching your goals!


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