Decisions to Make Before Investing in Custom Window Shutters


Homeowners have to consider their window shutter options carefully because it’s an investment in their comfort as well as the value of their houses. The Youtube video “Plantation Shutters – Options Considerations for Custom Interior Shutters” shows the reason why some custom window shutters are better than standard cheaper models. Let’s find out more!

Many home decorators prefer plantation window shutters because they’re aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and easy to customize. They’re also known as interior shutters, and you have to understand all the options you can get with these models.

Video Source

First, you have to think about the frame and the divider rails. In terms of frames, you can decide between full shutters or café shutters. The latter option allows you to have stationary shutters, which are often seen in bathrooms.

You can also find double-hung shutters, which allow you to have doors at the bottom and the top. Next, you’ll have to think of the mounting options: an inside or outside mount, or a Z or L mount. In the video, you can see that the windows already had casing, so the L mount was the best option.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about custom window shutters.


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