Do You Struggle to Teach Your Employees How to Count Money and Make Change?


Commercial coin counting machines

After years of struggling to teach your high school and college age employees how to make accurate change for the guests at your summer water park, you have finally found the secret: a coin sorter and counter machine!
The fact of the matter is fewer and fewer people have the necessary skills to make and count change. With an increasing number of people using a card swipe to pay for their purchases, however, it is often difficult to blame the ill prepared younger employees. In your business, at least, the majority of the guests who bring their entire families to spend a long day at the water park begin their visit with a card swipe to cover the admission cost.
After they enter the park, the payments at concession stands become a mix of card swipes and cash payments, though, and it has grown increasingly difficult to find enough workers who can accurately and efficiently handle these cash payments. Last summer, however, you found a solution. After talking to a friend who had recently purchased a machine for recycling coins at his business, you decided to investigate further. Your found that in addition to machines that are used for recycling coins, there is a whole menu full of other retail cash management systems that can make the payment process more accurate, more efficient, and reliable.
Making the Transition to a Cash Counting Machine Is Often a Great Decision
Fully electronic counters that are able to count batches of bills or coins, without having to process them individually, were initially introduced in Great Britain in the year 1980. REcently, however, a growing number of businesses in America are making use of this technology. When a machine can help a transaction be more efficient and accurate, the employee can spend more time on making a personal connection with the customer and creating a relationship that will leave a memorable impression.
Obviously, a cash counting machine allows a business to maintain 100% assured accuracy for cash transactions, but it also has another major advantage. In fact, one of the major reasons companies and businesses use money counters is because of the amount of time it saves. When cash is counted by a person, that process often has to be done two or three times to ensure accuracy. The fact that some store policies also indicate that two people must be present whenever cash and coins are being counted can double the amount of time that is spent on these efforts.
With a machine that is used for counting and recycling coins and bills, however, the process is immediate. In many businesses that experience high and low traffic times, like a water park, for example, it is essential that employees be able to move from one job to another throughout a shift. A money counting machine allows more people to work at the cash payment stations, even if they are not trained in accurately making change.
Is your company or business ready to make the move to a retail cash management system that will provide you efficiency and accuracy?

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