Don’t Let These Myths Stop You From Accepting Credit Card Payments Online


Credit card merchant

If your business is in the stage of considering how to accept credit cards online, you are likely asking yourself a lot of questions.

  • How much will this cost?
  • Will enough people actually use this feature?
  • What if there is a security issue?
  • What kind of credit card processing provider should I be using?

Finding the answers to all of these questions may require some research and consultation with experienced payment processing companies, but there are some common myths that can be busted right away.

Myth Number One: Online Payments Are Not Secure

In learning how to accept credit cards online, your business will be required to become PCI compliant if it is not already certified. Adhering to PCI DSS standards and regulations will allow your business to identify any weaknesses in its security and its business procedures. After identifying where your business needs to increase security around credit card processing, you will also learn about prescribed solutions. Once implemented, and with monitoring of new standards, your business will be able to maintain a high level of security, protecting your interests as well as those of your customers.

Myth Number Two: It Will Cost Too Much

Accepting credit card payments online is not likely to be more costly than operating your standard card payment terminals. Online processing fees vary from processor to processor, but opening your business up to a new stream of revenue will more than cover the expense. Consider that if small non-profit businesses can afford to accept donations online via credit card processors, then even the smallest business will find that the cost of enabling online credit card processing is not unreasonable.

Myth Number Three: It Will Be Too Difficult to Implement

If you are concerned that you will never successfully learn how to accept credit cards online, then it is important to look at card processing solutions that feature intuitive reporting and simplified interfaces. Your business has likely already gone through much more challenging technological updates, such as implementing a POS system. Bringing up your implementation concerns to potential payment processors will allow you to gauge how their products and services will address and dispel your fears.

Accepting credit cards via online payments is part of a natural progression for many businesses. Clients and customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with using their credit and debit cards in the online sphere, and making transactions online. If accepting online payments is the next step for your business, then remember that choosing the right payment processor will mean that the process is not too complicated, the fees are not unreasonable, and proper security is supported.

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