How to Get the Most Value for Your Items at a Pawn Shop


Pawn shops are a very popular place to get a loan against collateral in the United States. What some don’t know, however, is that you can actually sell your items to the pawn shop to make some quick and easy money. This is a convenient option, saving the hassle of posting it for sale online and meeting up with someone you don’t know. Let’s see how you can get the most money for your item.

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Be sure to go in knowing what you want for the product and don’t be scared to ask for that amount. Pawn shop owners will oftentimes not think a seller is serious until they name a price for their item. However, pawn shops have to make a profit. You probably will not get “what it’s worth” because the dealer must figure out all of the costs of business in order to make a profit. You’ll be getting what it’s worth to a dealer. You can typically sell your product for what it’s worth on a wholesale basis. Before you agree to sell your item, look around the store for interesting items. You may be able to trade your item for something in the store that may actually be worth more.

For more information, watch the video linked to hear tips from a pawn expert.

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