How to Save Money By Repairing Your Toilet


You could save yourself a ton of money by repairing your own toilet. However, you could also lose a ton of money as well. It is important that you have a clear understanding of what you are doing so you don’t make the situation worse than it already is. If you are determined to not call a trusted plumbing company, you will need to learn the ins and outs of toilet repair yourself. Are you ready to save money? This video will teach you what you need to know about a common toilet problem.

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If your toilet is wobbling, it likely means that it is not connected properly to the flooring anymore. Nearly every toilet is connected to the ground with a flange device. This device uses bolts to connect the toilet with the flooring. It is an intermediary of sorts. However, sometimes it can become broken over time or may not have been properly installed in the first place.

To fix the flange, you will need to disconnect the toilet. Start by turning off the water. Then drain the toilet of existing water. After this, you can disconnect the piping and unbolt the toilet from the flange. Now you should be able to clearly see if the issue with the connections.


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