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Canadian cheques

Easter Mediterranean merchants were the first to use cheques. Their use dates back to prior to 1000 AD. Just like modern day cheques, the first checks were written documents that directed a financial institution to pay the holder of the cheque. The original intention of the cheque was to provide a method of payment to merchants and creditors that did not require carrying large amounts of paper money.

The Commercial Bank of Scotland printed the first personalized cheques in 1811. Among their features was the inclusion of the account holder’s name printed vertically along the cheque’s left edge.

Today in Canada, modern cheques include a statement which reflects the payroll process. This includes information such as an employee’s salary, wages, bonuses and deductions. In Canada, more than two million cheques are processed daily. If you are looking for a company that can produce Canadian cheque needs, find someone who has a lot of experience with a variety of cheque services. Ordering cheques should be a simple, convenient process. When you order cheques, consider all your needs. Avoid cheap checks when it comes to quality.

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