Outdated Pharmacy Software Can Lead to Unnecessary Patient Deaths


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Do pharmacy point of sale systems matter? Why is one father asking states to thoroughly train and register all pharmacy technicians? The answers to these questions start with the story of a little girl named Emily Jerry. Who is Emily Jerry, and what does she have to do with pharmacy software and pharmacy employees?

Pharmacy Errors Cut One Little Girl’s Life Short

Emily Jerry was diagnosed with cancer when she was just one and a half years old. After six months of chemotherapy, doctors made a surprising discovery; Emily had responded incredibly well to treatments, and her tumor — once the size of a grapefruit — was all but gone. The hospital recommended one final round of chemotherapy, just to make certain the tumor and cancer was entirely out of Emily’s system. Emily passed away shortly after receiving this last treatment. What happened?

A failing hospital point of sale system — or POS system — and a negligent pharmacy technician played significant roles in Emily’s death. First, an electronic hospital system went down the night before — which may have affected pharmacy wares and stock. Secondly, a pharmacy technician incorrectly prepared a chemotherapy bag. The technician’s bag contained 23.4% sodium chloride solution when it should have contained less than 1%. The man served several years in prison owing to Emily’s death.

What Pharmacies Need to Change

“My beautiful Emily’s death was senseless and preventable,” Chris Jerry, Emily’s father, writes on The Emily Jerry Foundation website (a site he created in her honor). Even today, Jerry continues campaigning and speaking at relevant conventions all across the U.S., urging pharmacies to make critical changes. Jerry asks pharmacies to invest in quality software. The best pharmacy point of sale systems, Jerry continues, will adequately account for stock and monitor the specifics of medicines and solutions. Jerry is also pushing for the registration and thorough training of all pharmacy technicians.

The best pharmacy point of sale systems can save lives. Avoid tragic and unnecessary deaths — like Emily’s — with quality software and thorough training of all pharmacy employees.

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