What You Need to Know About Hard Money Lending

Understanding finances is very important in today’s world. Your finances are what allow you to live at a standard and quality that you’re happy with. If you need a loan, it’s therefore important to understand the different types out there so that you can continue to maintain that standard of living that you’re used to. […]

Give Back with these Volunteer Opportunities for Retired Lawyers

For many working people, retirement is the ultimate goal. After putting in years and years of hard work, it is nice to reap the rewards. You have now earned some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Retirement can be a large adjustment. You have been used to adhering to a strict daily schedule, but now your days […]

3 Important Tips for Planning Your Retirement

Out of all Americans, 72% of them claim to be bothered by the complexity of the U.S. tax system. But it’s not just taxes that confuse people — money is complicated, whether you’re working on retirement planning, investment management, or basic budgeting and financial planning. Many of life’s money decisions don’t seem to have that […]