What to Know About Buying a Beach House

If you are considering purchasing a home that is waterfront property then you are in for a treat. Waterfront living for a vacation or main home is going to be a great opportunity to have some fun. There are, however, some things that you should know about when you are in the process of actually […]

What are the Different Methodolgies for Business Valuation?

Banks, lenders and financial institutions all rely upon business appraisals to make important lending decisions. Business valuations can also be used by business owners for their strategic planning, to divide up or sell a business or in divorce and inheritance proceedings. Even so, business valuation is not and absolute, and the results of the exercise […]

Using Cash and Coins Counting Machines at Retail Stores

Running or managing in a business which sells products directly is challenging task, and in this day and age of online stores, companies that still sell at brick and mortar locations definitely have the same challenges that have always existed. Dealing with the maintenance and overhead costs of a brick and mortar store is in […]

Important Characteristics of an In Store Sign

Signs have been used for many years to increase sales and brand awareness. What makes a sign effective though? What type of information should be on a sign to encourage a sale? How much information is too much? Carefully planning and designing a sign is just as important as using store signage to attract a […]

Are You Looking for a Way to Make Cash Handling Responsibilities More Accurate?

Many businesses depend on accurate attention to making change and and ensuring the authenticity of paper currency and checks. And while the science of making accurate change seems to be a lost skill, many merchants rely on the foolproof method of using coin sorter counters and scanners for business as part of their improved retail […]

Do You Struggle to Teach Your Employees How to Count Money and Make Change?

After years of struggling to teach your high school and college age employees how to make accurate change for the guests at your summer water park, you have finally found the secret: a coin sorter and counter machine! The fact of the matter is fewer and fewer people have the necessary skills to make and […]

3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Payroll Processing Ability

Is it better to outsource your payroll processing service or to keep it in house? This is a common question that many businesses come across at some point or another. As you grow your business and employee numbers, you are likely to find it more difficult to keep up with human resource and payroll processing […]

New breakthroughs in counting and handling money

For as long as there has been an economy to consider, people have tried to figure out its future. After all, if you could know the future of your money, or money in general, there’s no limit to how much you could make. This isn’t entirely possible, of course, but it hasn’t stopped people from […]

Be Safe and Smart with Your Loans

Money is scarce nowadays so you have to be careful where and when you spend it. And, yes, sometimes you run into some hard times. Those are the times that hard money loans come in handy. You might need a boost to get you going and there’s nowhere else to turn. Well, when you need […]

Are You Having Cash Management Problems at Your Small Business?

Retail cash management is big business. As the cash management industry attempts improve their services to their customers, tools like money counting machines and electric cash counters attempt to provide clients with accuracy and protection. From determining if a check cheque is authentic to limiting access to coins and bills to avoid theft, these systems […]