What to Keep in Mind when Planning your Retirement


Non recourse loan agreement

Having self directed IRA lending could be what keeps you living comfortably in your retirement. When you have a self direct IRA, it gives you more flexibility and other retirement plans might offer. Not only that, but it gives you, as the owner, more control. Everyone want to be able retire at some point, but with today’s economy it is becoming more and more difficult to retire and still be able to live within your means. About 1 out of 4 Americans, middle class, state that they will most likely work until they are 80 before they comfortably retire. Almost all Americans have some sort of debt that they are stuck with, whether credit care, mortgage or something else. Most people spend their life working to be able to pay those off. 48and of elderly Americans are said to be “economically vulnerable.” It is difficult for them to keep working, yet they must because the retirement funds that they live off of will not be enough to compensate for their outstanding payments and what is needed to live. About 2% of retired citizens in the US are still searching for jobs. This is why setting up self directed IRA lending could be a good option if someone wants to be able to retire, and not work. An IRA non recourse loan could be something to help out these retirees also. When your property and belongings are on the line and you are trying your best to pay things off, going for a non recourse loan agreement is in your best interest. If a non recourse loan is being used, the lender will only be entitled to the profits and property that are associated with said loan, therefore, the lender can not come at you for more than what was agreed, even if you still owe. A non recourse lender can be very helpful if you do not want all of your assets to be put on the line. Non recourse loan lenders are not overly fond of this type of loan. but thankfully they are still given out and highly used by the retiree population.

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