Buy Used Instead of New


It can be tempting to purchase a brand new car. The clean gloss on these cars sparkle in the sun. The interiors are clean and have that new car smell. These cars have all the new features. If you have money to burn, go ahead and buy a new car.

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If not, consider a used car. Here is why used cars provide so much more value.

Anything on four wheels is going to depreciate with time. Wear and tear will always get the best of these vehicles. They are going to break eventually and you will find yourself calling a trusted auto repair place. You may think of a used car as more likely to break down. However, this is not always the case. These vehicles can be just as reliable, if not more reliable than new vehicles. They have had time to be tested on the road. New vehicles have not had this luxury.

Used cars are a much better deal from a monetary standpoint as well. New cars depreciate as soon as you touch the accelerator. Just the wording, “used” makes them lose value. Plus, used cars are generally much cheaper. You could measure the value of a car as miles you get out of it per dollar you spent on it. You will likely get a much better miles per dollar spent ratio on a used car than a new car.


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