Why TurboTax is Not Free After All


You have likely seen a TurboTax commercial on the television around tax season. Each commercial normally revolves around the idea that TurboTax helps make filing your taxes easier for the low cost of free. This is what has drawn many people to this program over the years. However, there is often a catch with free things. Some wise people have said that no thing is ever free.

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Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those common cases. In this video, you will learn more about why TurboTax is not free after all.

TurboTax is not free. In fact, it is so not free that the Federal Trade Commission is coming after them for misleading advertising. TurboTax has their lawyers at the ready, but there is a weighty case against them. If you have taken the time to read the fine print, you may have noticed that TurboTax has the ability to give away certain pieces of your information to third-parties. That is right, they may have been selling your data all along. This data goes to companies that generally try to sell people debt products. These tax forms are how the companies identify people to target.


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