SSDI Claims in Review


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If your Social Security Disability Insurance claim is approved, you will be relieved. It’s a long and arduous application process for money that you need to improve your quality of life. However, sometimes an SSDI claim can be in review even after the claim was approved. A Social Security Disability attorney helps break down why this can happen.

The Social Security administration does continuous reviews to ensure that every SSDI case is still relevant. They will routinely check to see if you meet the qualifications of being disabled. You may improve significantly due to a new treatment or medicine and be able to return to work.

Social Security will check in with questionnaires down the road to see which doctors you’re seeing, if your condition has improved or worsened, if you’re able to find employment, and more. They may do this after a year, three years, or even seven years down the road.

Go over your award letter that you received when your SSDI claim was approved. Work with an SSDI lawyer to check on other documents that will explain how frequently Social Security will check on you.

For more information on SSDI benefits and case reviews, check out the video above.

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