How to Find a Reputable Timeshare Lawyer


Many timeshare owners are often confused about how to terminate timeshare contracts. In such situations, hiring a reputable timeshare lawyer is better than opting for cancellation companies. The YouTube video “Timeshare Attorney” examines why timeshare owners should opt for an attorney when terminating their contracts.

Unlike cancellation companies that only offer boilerplate contracts and let their clients do all the work, timeshare attorneys handle all the fine details regarding your contracts. Additionally, a timeshare attorney can provide legal representation if a dispute arises and leads to litigation.

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Cancellation companies cannot provide this service.

Cancellation companies also make non-disclosure of their identity to the timeshare developer mandatory. This is often included in agreements with clients. In contrast, timeshare attorneys contact the developer during disputes and inform them that their client is well represented. Timeshare attorneys also ensure that all correspondence between the timeshare company and their client goes through them first.

Despite timeshare contracts costing thousands of dollars, cancellation companies often prohibit their clients from using their Bakers points and void the contracts if a client errs. In reality, timeshare owners are allowed to use their points. Timeshare attorneys also help resolve disputes faster than cancellation companies–four to six months on average for timeshare attorneys compared to 24 months for cancellation companies.


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