Facts About the Real Estate Process


Brian l katz

In the past year, over 1.4 million houses were on the market. Commercial real estate, such as that run by brian katz, can be a helpful business when buying or selling a home. Real estate agents like brian l katz and his employees assist homeowners and potential homeowners in reaching a final decision that greatly effects their lives.

Agents assist homeowners by discussing what they are looking for when selling their house. They can tell them how much their house is worth and what can be done to optimize the sell value. They also work with homeowners to make sure all code requirements are met.

When a house is ready to sell, agents then act as a median between homeowner and home buyer. The real estate agent informs the home buyer of what the asking price is and then gives the homeowner the counter offer, if there is any. When negotiating prices, the real estate agent helps the homeowner and home buyer come to a mutual agreement with as little tension as possible.

Before a home buyer decides on a home, the real estate agent takes the buyer through a variety of homes within their budget to find what is most suitable. The agent considers what the buyer needs, wants and can afford when making a list of potential houses. In both situations, the agent stays with the clients through the whole process to make sure everything runs smoothly and no unexpected outcomes are met with. Reference links: www.americanrepartners.com

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