Give Back with these Volunteer Opportunities for Retired Lawyers


For many working people, retirement is the ultimate goal. After putting in years and years of hard work, it is nice to reap the rewards. You have now earned some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Retirement can be a large adjustment. You have been used to adhering to a strict daily schedule, but now your days may be a bit more unpredictable. Those of us who are used to a hectic daily routine can find this new experience a bit jarring. Luckily there are many different activities that you can take part in. Volunteer work can help you pass the time and help others at the same time. Retired lawyers are no different from any other position. There are several volunteer activities where the skill set of a former lawyer will be valuable. Follow along for some volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers.

The benefits of volunteerism

The legal field is one of the busiest professions working today. Lawyers have been known to work many long hours and have numerous sleepless nights. When you enter retirement, your workload will be eliminated or greatly reduced. Volunteer work can help you fill this void tremendously.

Just because you are retired does not mean that you have lost knowledge or intelligence. When searching for volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers, consider what some of your biggest strengths are. There are many people out there who might need the expertise you can provide. Using these skills can help keep your mind sharp. Many retired people often worry that they will “lose a step” if their minds are not active. Using your wealth of knowledge, even if it is limited, will help your mental abilities stay sharp.

It feels good to give back. “It is better to give than to receive,” is an oft-repeated phrase that certainly rings true. Many people have a sense of good fortune whenever they volunteer for charities. While you should not volunteer for the recognition, the good reputation boost is a nice bonus. It can be a great benefit as you are searching for volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers.

Pro bono work

One volunteer option to consider is to provide some pro bono work. Many charities help low-income families with legal needs. Estate planning is a complicated process for anyone, but especially for those who are financially strapped. They could use some help that you can certainly provide. It will also be an enriching experience for you. You will have the opportunity to help someone less fortunate.

Trust and estate documents can be complicated for anyone who does not have experience in this type of field. Someone facing their own mortality will be an added stress to the situation. They could use someone experienced and well-versed in this department. Your wealth of knowledge should prove to be useful. You can answer any questions they may have. Even if you are not taking care of their entire estate, you can still act as a resource for someone with questions. Some people may not want to hire a lawyer right away. They may have a few legal questions, and your experience as an estate attorney will come in handy.

Religious organizations

Most churches and religious organizations have many opportunities to help others less fortunate. Giving back continues to remain a core concept of their religious doctrine. There are a plethora of volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers in religious communities.

In particular, the Catholic Church is well known for its volunteerism for underserved populations. They help the local community in a variety of different ways. These charities will help families that may be struggling financially. There are also opportunities to get involved in other ways. These charities can also help with neighborhood cleanups, blood drives, and more. When you are searching for the right catholic charity, you should try contacting the diocese organization in your area.

You can also volunteer your time and expertise in a local religious prep school. Since they are a private school, there may be some opportunities for volunteer work. As they have tuition and various amounts of paperwork for the students, your legal background may be just what they need. Schools are often looking for parents and grandparents to help out with activities. Getting involved with local schools is one of the best volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers.

Using your skills as a lawyer

Attorneys specialize in their own unique form of law. Someone facing criminal charges will not want to hire a copyright attorney to represent them in court. These lawyers spend years studying and establishing a sterling reputation in their career field. They use this knowledge that they have accumulated over the years to their benefit in their career. Just because they are retired now does not mean that they have lost a step. They can be a valuable resource to many people.

There are many individuals out there who are apprehensive about contacting a lawyer. Since many lawyers require payment for any amount of time used, some potential clients will refrain from it. This may lead to confusion as they head into a legal conundrum. You, as a retired attorney, can answer some of these questions. In addition to answering questions, you can also become a teacher with your knowledge. Night classes, workshops, and seminars can certainly use someone with vast amounts of legal knowledge. You can be a knowledgeable guide for people in these legal challenges. You may also give some valuable insight to people interested in the legal process or career field.

Another way to offer up your legal knowledge is through blogging. Many individuals seek out legal help online. Your blog can be just what they need. One important rule to have is always to be completely truthful. You do not want to steer anyone in the wrong direction so make sure that all information is completely factual. If you are divulging some personal experiences, make sure you preface this information upfront. While your blog will likely not be considered a research paper source, it can help some people answer some tough questions. Blogging can be a fun and stress-free way to pass the time and still help others.

Summer Camps

The summertime is a great time to volunteer. Volunteering at a summer camp is a great way to get involved. Summer camps are constantly looking for more people to help. While children have the summers off from school, most professions do not have that luxury. Teachers can become counselors, but these camps will always need more. This is where retired people come into play. Summer camps provide many great volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers.

Your skills as a former attorney can also prove to be useful. You can help them with any legal matters such as liability and safety concerns. You can help them by providing an evaluation of the property. They will need you to highlight any potential concerns. This will help the camp avoid a potential disaster and help ensure a safe environment for the campers.


The law profession has always been one of the most rewarding and essential careers. It is also one of the most selective. To become a lawyer, candidates need to put in several years of schooling. It is typically four years as an undergrad, followed by a three-year law school program. They will then spend many years working their way up the legal ladder. It takes someone with a unique personality to succeed in this career. New lawyers will likely love to have someone show them the ropes.

Mentorship is one of the many volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers. No matter how long you spent as a lawyer, you will have a wealth of knowledge to bestow on the next generation. One-on-one mentorship can provide these new lawyers with information that cannot be found in a book.

There are many different candidates for mentorship. You could want to counsel some newly minted law school graduates looking to start their careers. Some retired lawyers may want to help students navigate this hectic phase of law school. Or start even earlier. College or even high school students may be weighing their options and considering a possible legal career. They could use someone with a distinguished career in this field to figure out if it is for them. A mentor can help a young person decide what type of law they want to pursue. They may be interested in a career as an antitrust attorney. Talking with an experienced antitrust lawyer to bestow some quality advice and life experience should be a comforting experience for them. Mentorship can be one of the most gratifying volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers.

Becoming a child advocate

Family law is one of the noblest legal fields to practice. Family law attorneys work on anything from divorces to adoption. These lawyers need to have thick skin, compassion, and strong willpower. Many children go through the foster care system and can be vulnerable. Many of these children need someone on their side. Many individuals work as child advocates through the court system.

Being a child advocate is something that takes much empathy and kindness. You will be dealing with children who have been dealt a rough hand in life. These children need a voice and someone to speak up for them. Your experience in this process should prove to be useful. Your job will be to ensure that all decisions made will be in the child’s best interests. By being a child advocate, you will help make sure that the child is treated fairly. If you are searching for worthwhile and gratifying volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers, this is an excellent option for you.

Getting involved with veterans’ legal services

This country’s many military veterans deserve our respect and admiration. They have fulfilled a commitment that most of us could never do. Unfortunately, many veterans come home and face many distressing challenges. They may face any number of physical, mental, and emotional issues due to their time at war. One of the best ways to show respect to our veterans is by helping them adjust back to civilian life. These veterans can certainly appreciate your legal knowledge.

Volunteering with the veterans’ legal services can help your commitment to give back. Helping veterans get back on their feet is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Some of the life concerns that they face include medical bills, job searching, and housing. You can provide some much-needed guidance through any legal concerns that they may have.

Some veterans may face some financial challenges that you can provide some assistance with as well. A former bankruptcy attorney can help a veteran or anyone in this situation navigate this complicated process. Bankruptcy is not a death sentence. Numerous individuals and businesses have successfully recovered and prospered following a bankruptcy declaration. You can be a trusted resource and answer questions that your client may have.

Retirement is a time filled with wonderful opportunities. Just because you are retired does not mean that your best days are behind you. Now, with the benefit of time, you can pursue some great life passions. Volunteerism can be a large part of your life. People are always looking for new ways to give back to the communities and others. As a retired lawyer, you can use your unique skill set for your volunteer work. You should definitely consider some of these various volunteer opportunities for retired lawyers. When you give back, you will certainly never regret it.

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