Never DIY These Home Repairs


We live in a time of DIY everything. There is no denying that many Americans fancy themselves as home repair experts. There are plenty of DIY projects that you can do around the home and do successfully. Unfortunately, some projects really do require the attention of home repair experts.

One of the toughest lessons to learn is that there is a reason for home repair experts. Finding the perfect balance between what you can do on your own and what you should leave up to experts starts with understanding why some things are better left to the pros.

Most Electrical Repairs

If you are like most Americans, you’ve been told not to touch anything electrical since you were old enough to crawl. Electricity is dangerous and complicated. It should always be left up to home repair experts.

Do you know what electrical feedthrough is? Or the difference between voltage and amperage? No idea either. Changing a lightbulb is simple enough, but you need to work with home repair experts for any heavy-duty electrical work.

About 24,000 residential electrical fires each year are attributed to faulty wiring. It really is not worth the risk. Call in a pro and avoid serious potential problems.

Roof Leaks

Roofing has the honor of being the fourth most dangerous line of work in the United States. Thousands of professional roofers are injured every year while working. If you find your roof in need of repair, call in an expert, and save yourself from potential disaster.

Residential roofing problems require the help of home repair experts. About 97% of all ladder accidents happen right at home. Overeager homeowners wind up in the emergency room about 14,000 times every year due to injuries from falling off a ladder. Sadly about 180 homeowners die each year from roofing accidents. Don’t take the risk. Call in roofing home repair experts.

Garage Door Repair

There are two things to keep in mind when considering doing a little DIY garage door repair. Garage doors are heavy and garage doors can be really dangerous. A garage door repair company is the better choice.

When you look at your garage door, you may think it’s an easy fix. But it can not only be difficult to repair a garage door, but it can be unsafe too. Most modern garage doors have automatic openers. Those openers are often hard wired right into the house. If you do not have a good understanding of electricity, you are already at risk.

Trying to get a garage door back on track means a lot of heavy lifting while you wrangle things. It can also mean that you wind up with a heavy garage door on top of you. An emergency room visit later, your door still is not fixed and is likely in worse condition.

The home repair experts that specialize in garage door repair should take the helm on this project. It is not worth the risk of injury. It will likely cost you a lot more to call in the experts after your attempted repair to undo the damage. Go with the experts from the start.

Gas Appliances

A good rule of thumb is anything that has the potential of blowing up, causing a fire, or can do serious damage to life and limb should be left up to the home repair experts. A good example of this rule is gas appliances. Whether it is a gas fireplace, gas hot water heater, entire gas heating system, or your stove, let home repair experts who specialize in gas appliances take care of any repairs or installation. Gas is a great energy source, but it is also dangerous. One wrong connection and you are in serious trouble.

If the idea of a fire or an explosion is not enough for you, consider the fact that you can void any and all warranties. If you try to manage this dangerous job on your own, and something does go wrong, you may find that the manufacturer will use your lack of skills as a reason to deny your warranty.

It is better to have home repair experts who specialize in gas appliances take care of the job for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that nothing is leaking and nothing is going to ignite. You will also rest easier knowing that your warranty is still valid.

Structural Work

Structural work can be broken down into two categories. The first category is the necessary work, like jacking up your foundation to make repairs. The second category is the things you want to do that require structural work to accomplish, like knocking out a few walls to make your kitchen bigger.

In both cases, it is a good idea to hire home repair experts to manage any the structural work. While you may see cracks in your foundation as a problem you can fix, it is not as simple as just patching things up. There may be other issues that need to be addressed before those repairs can be made.

Even with the home remodeling projects that you want to do, if it involves changing your home’s structure, you need to get home repair experts on board who know which walls are load-bearing. Your home is a finely tuned engineering marvel. Disturbing the structural integrity of your home can have a terrible domino effect.

Sure, you can swing that sledgehammer yourself, but you want to get some feedback from home repair experts that can tell you whether it is okay to start swinging. It is not worth the risk to take this on as a complete DIY project. If you don’t want to pay for the entire structural changes to be done by an expert, at least get some advice.


Some plumbing repairs you can easily do as DIY projects. But others require an expert. It takes home repair experts with plumbing experience to services/’>repair a septic system. It also takes a professional plumber to make major changes to your plumbing, clean your drains the right way, and install your gas appliances.

Home repair experts who are certified plumbers provide important services for the health and safety of your home. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a little drain cleaner will solve all your problems. Many homeowners find out the hard way it is easier to call in the plumber than to manage the damage that overstepping the DIY boundaries can cause.

Window Replacement

It may sound like an easy job to take out old home windows and replace them with new vinyl windows. Old windows can be complicated to remove. When you combine a window stuck in place with panes of glass, you risk some serious injuries.

Aside from the potential injuries, there is also the problem of making sure your windows are perfectly plumb. Leave a little gap, and the investment in your new windows goes to waste. Installing windows is a specific skill set that is not learned overnight. If you are going to invest in new windows, pay a little extra to have them professionally installed by home repair experts who specialize in windows and doors.

Changing The Footprint In The Kitchen or Bath

If you decide that you just cannot live with the way your kitchen or bath are laid out and you want to switch things around a bit, consult with a home design and remodeling expert. All of these DIY shows have us convinced that we can do anything. In reality, there are a lot of outtakes on those shows that we never see. We don’t get to see projects that go wrong. We do not get to see all the frustration, errors, and costs. We see the start, some of the middle, and BAM the big reveal. Keep in mind most DIY shows are about 45 minutes long. It takes much longer than that to transform any room, never mind an entire house.

All those things that are going on behind the scenes are things we never see, like consulting with a remodeling expert or a home design expert. As a matter of fact, most of these people are home design and remodeling experts already.

Call in a professional service before you start disconnecting things and moving them around. It will save you time and money in the long run and give you the functional space you envision. Home repair experts are there to help make your vision a reality and to do it safely.

Erosion Problems

If you have erosion problems, you should consult with home repair experts. Sometimes just digging that trench and filling it with gravel can work, but sometimes it does not. In cases of bad erosion, there are solutions that home repair experts can bring to the table that are complex, but effective.

Correcting erosion problems is important, and it must done correctly. If not addressed, an erosion problem can easily turn into a foundation problem. It can also turn into a driveway or basement problem.

As the erosion problem gets worse, the settling of your home can get worse. You may be thinking the problem is far enough away from your home, but as the soil shifts two full yards away, it affects the soil around your house.

Home repair experts who specialize in managing erosion problems can help. Make the call and get the help that you need.

HVAC Repairs or Installation

Most homeowners are not well versed in their HVAC system. Climate control in your home is necessary for your comfort all year long. Tinkering with your HVAC system can be a recipe for disaster.

Home repair experts who specialize in HVAC can take care of any problems with your HVAC quickly and easily. Keep in mind if you attempt a DIY HVAC repair and it goes south, you can cause more damage than there was to begin with.

Let the experts manage this type of repair. The job will get done right, and it will come with a guarantee. Don’t risk your system by trying to DIY the solution.

Don’t Hang Up Your Tool Belt

It may seem like there are a whole lot of home repairs you should not do on your own. Thre are still a whole lot of things that you can and should do as a DIY project. Everyone needs balance in their lives. You cannot do it all, but you also do not need home repair experts for every task. You just need to know your limits and call in the experts when necessary.

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