Here Are Three Reasons Why It Is Time To Start Getting Into Commercial Real Estate


Commercial real estate

Getting into investing for yourself can be scary. This is especially true when it is something that is seen as volatile like real estate is. Commercial real estate is even more like this than regular real estate is. If you are wondering, “should I invest in property?” or “should I invest in real estate?” you will want someone to help you walk through the process. Someone like Brian L. Katz can help you figure out the process can make sure things goes smoothly for you. Here are three reasons that you should call Brian L. Katz to get you started investing in commercial real estate.

1. Having someone like Brian L. Katz to walk you through the commercial real estate process can be very advantageous. He has worked for regional development firms. At this time he managed 1,500 acres in commercial real estate, totaling 2.5 million square feet. This type of experience can help you get your feet in the door when investing in commercial real estate.

2. Commercial real estate is a huge industry and is always growing. Brian L. Katz is the leader of this field and will help with investing. This industry employs over 4 million people in the United States at over 2.5 million commercial real estate related businesses. People like Brian L. Katz make up this industry, with commercial real estate know how and investing knowledge.

3. Now is a great time to get into commercial real estate. This is because the state that the industry is in. Currently, about $160 billion of properties are in foreclosure or default. This means that there is money to be made by buying up these properties for lower prices and repurposing them as profitable properties. People like Brian L. Katz can help you exploit these market inefficiencies and make money for yourself and for your family. More like this.

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