How Much You May Spend on a Roof Inspection


Did you know that regular roof inspections save money in the long run? According to Forbes, most people think there’s nothing to worry about whenever the roof isn’t leaking. Shockingly, homeowners will need their roofs checked out often to detect any minor damage early that may turn disastrous, costing an arm and a leg in future repairs. But how much does roof inspection certification cost?

According to The Roofing Channel, there are different factors that roofing contractors consider when coming up with their inspection fees, but normally a roof inspection certification will cost around $120-400. The price is nothing compared to the money roof inspection services put back in your pocket.

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Although the pricing gap is significant, there’re obvious reasons for the difference. For instance, a larger roof system takes more inspection time, meaning the service fee will be higher than a smaller roof. Also, in case of a problem-focused inspection, a contractor charges extra for repairs they fix on the spot.

Roof inspection certification saves money, making regular inspection services a must for any homeowner. Whenever you feel like the regular inspections are a little pricier, opting for a contractor offering subscription-based services for yearly roof checks makes sense, as it is much cheaper than regular inspections.


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