Learning to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

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Are you looking for ways to diversify your portfolio? Real estate is a great investment vehicle that has become quite popular over the years. Fortunately, it’s also quite easy to get into the real estate market. While most people think that the only way to invest in commercial real estate is to get into buying and selling commercial real estate, that’s not the case at all. Instead, you can start by buying a mutual fund. However, a lot of research goes into understanding how all this works.

Apart from buying mutual funds, you can invest in properties and become a landlord. The first step if you want to take this route is to acquire commercial real estate, which can be buildings or even commercial land for lease. You will have to look into the available commercial space and get advice from the best commercial real estate brokers to find out what you can acquire to get the best return on investment. Done right, commercial real estate is one of the most lucrative and flashy ventures that yield an impressive income stream.

Buying commercial real estate can include diverse properties such as hotels, offices and restaurants, but it can also consist of plenty of small businesses and strip centers. The variety of tenants can create a steady cash stream flowing as they support each other with cross shopping opportunities. To find the best commercial real estate listings, you might want to consult with commercial real estate investment groups that can help you find the right opportunity for your situation.

Learning how to buy commercial real estate can be a good strategy to growth when you want to diversify your investments, yet still keep it in the real estate market. They allow investors to pool their money to purchase previously unaffordable properties that can generate cash flow. By using an investment portfolio, the commercial real estate investment firms also afford more liquidity with your capital. Technically you are buying shares of the portfolio and not part of the property itself. For that reason, you can buy and sell more easily than if you were dealing with a specific piece of property.

To find the best real estate investing companies, you will have to do some preliminary research that looks at holdings and returns. There are various third party websites and consumer forums that discuss the different investment options. You can use these to gather feedback and commentary about particular investment options. Definitely pay attention to their historical returns over a couple of different time frames. While they are not guaranteed, some consistent growth can be indicative of potential returns.

As you get further along the research process and learning how to buy commercial real estate, you should start to look at the FFO, or funds from operations, that looks at net income while adjusting for amortization and depreciation. This can also give you some insight into the funds operating costs and any administrative fees associated with it. Like publicly traded stocks, most real estate investment funds have similar oversight and reporting guidelines that they make available.

While any kind of investment carries a certain level of risk, real estate can represent one of the more stable investments. You will have to determine what returns and risk you are comfortable with as you research different investment companies.

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