Olympic Gold Medalists Finds Second Career in Commercial Real Estate


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Commercial real estate is often an attractive prospect for people from all walks of life: unlike the stock market, the property industry is relatively stable, and an investor can draw profits from a variety of sources, including rent payments, tenant fees and more. However, because investing in commercial real estate involves a great deal of research, analysis and experience, many investors rely on driven real estate partners to help them identify the best opportunities. Now, a former Olympic gold medalist is applying the dedication he once gave to skating to this fascinating industry.

Evan Lysacek, a U.S. Olympic figure skater and former “Dancing with the Stars” runner-up, is now working for a commercial real estate firm in New York City. This sudden career change came after Lysacek, 29, suffered a series of injuries before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, which he was forced to miss after tearing his labrum. Heartbroken at the thought of being unable to participate, Lysacek ended up taking part in the NBC broadcasts and began looking for ways to take a break from skating. His future employer, who had worked with the U.S. Olympic Committee, eventually offered him a job at his company.

Lysacek had no experience working with commercial real estate, but began learning how to invest in a REIT and how to answer the question “should I invest in property?” Today, he largely focuses on landlord representation, and often works to match shopping centers with the right brands. Occasionally, he says a client will recognize him, but says he doesn’t believe it has helped him close any deals.

While the job is physically very different from his last career, Lysacek says commercial real estate has helped him fill the time commitment he previously used for skating, allowing to translate his focus and energy into something new. However, in spite of his injuries, he isn’t done with the sport entirely: Lysacek is currently on a brief hiatus from his job to participate in Stars on Ice’s Dancing for Joy tour. The experience has paired him with other Olympic gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White, but this performance could be his last: he says he isn’t sure how much longer his body can take skating on any level due to the physicality, speed and danger.

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