Personal Finance Advice for Anyone With a Police Career


According to, the average annual police salary starts at $50,424 for an officer with one to two years of experience and up to $83,450 for an officer with more than ten years of experience. Regardless of whether you are in a single or double-income household, you’ll need to seriously consider budgeting your income if you want a police career or any career. The YouTube video “10 personal finance lessons that changed my life” offers ten great finance tips.

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The video clarifies that you need to diversify your income. In today’s world, where inflation is unpredictable, and the price of everything keeps increasing, it’s wise to consider a side hustle or a second job. As a police officer, that may not be an option due to your work. However, you can do many online jobs from home in your free time. That can generate a second income.

As a police officer, you may pick up additional shifts or work the night shift for more money. The second important tip is to invest in your personal growth and development. That means attending more training programs at work. The more you develop professionally, the better your chances of a raise or promotion. However, keep an eye on unnecessary spending. When your income goes up, your spending shouldn’t follow suit.


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