The Different Approach Hard Lenders Take to Real Estate Values

Commercial real estate investing can be a great way to make money. For many people, the best way to make these investments is to talk to hard money lenders and get a different kind of loan. Hard money loans make it possible for some people to get access to the money they need to make […]

The Advantages Of Using A Payroll Provider

As any small business owner will quickly discover, there’s a big difference between working for a larger company and being your own boss. There are a lot of responsibilities that go into running a small business. Some of them, you will be naturally equipped to handle — otherwise, you wouldn’t have started a small business […]

When You’re Flipping a Property, Avoid Making These 4 Common Mistakes

The reasons to invest in commercial real estate and residential properties are plentiful, but one of the main reasons is ROI. In other words, both residential and commercial real estate investing can be highly profitable. Although around 32% of people looking to buy a house are first-time home buyers, nearly 6.6% of all single family […]

A Simple Explanation of Business Evaluation

The maneuvering behind business valuation often confuses those who do not understand the process. Company valuation depends on variables most people are not given cause to consider on a daily basis, but it remains at its core like many free market transactions. This commonality is due to the primacy of the principles of supply and […]

Are You Considering Selling Your Small Business?

It has always been a little difficult to explain your job, so it should probably come as no surprise that you have also had a difficult time following the basic steps of programs that are supposed to help you with “calculating the worth of my business.”

Renovating Can You Make A Business Out Of It?

Renovation is a different landscape than it was in prior decades. In today’s world, many homes are being foreclosed open, or sold cheaply for other reasons. With that in mind, buyers are snapping up these houses with the idea of renovating in mind. For some, renovating is done with a dream home in mind. Rather […]

Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate, Ask These 3 Questions

Should I invest in real estate? You may have asked yourself this question before. Although residential and commercial real estate can be excellent investments, getting into the game can be overwhelming at first. Having experienced real estate partners can help you to learn tips and tricks of the trade more quickly, but before you invest […]

New Trump Administration Prompts Changes Within the SEC

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) consists of five President-appointed commissioners who serve five-year terms. The President designates one commissioner or chairman and no more than three of the commissions can belong to the same political party. Now, both Mary Jo White, the¬†Chairwoman of the SEC¬†and Andrew Ceresney, the SEC Enforcement Director, have announced […]

Small Business ValuationA Necessary Commodity

Small business valuation is generally done for reasons of determining the economic value of the interest an owner has in a business. It is a process of procedures carried out to find the worth of a business, commonly known as the premise of value and the standard of value. These are the two key elements […]