These Evening Part Time Jobs Can Help You Make Extra Money


Sometimes our full-time day jobs are not enough to make ends meet. Maybe you want to buy a new car or plan a family vacation, but there’s no room in the budget. On the other hand, maybe you’re a student in need of extra cash.

Whatever the case, the solution to your problems could be to take on a part-time job in the evening. A few extra hours a week can help you meet your financial goals. It can be difficult to find the right part-time position after working, going to school, or having a family to take off, but it is possible. This blog will explore 10 evening part-time jobs that can help you earn extra money.

1. Work Weddings

If you’re looking to make some extra money and have some fun while doing it, working at weddings can be a great way to do it. Weddings parties and venues are always looking for extra help. Some positions within a venue that are fairly easy to get are servers, bartenders, maintenance crews, valets for parking, and restroom attendants.

If you’ve got some specific skills and talents, you might want to consider marketing yourself as a wedding DJ, decorator, floral arranger, or emcee for entertainment. The pay is not bad, but you could get some pretty good tips and free food! The best part is that even though you’re working, it’s likely you’ll have a good time and meet some interesting people. Another pro of working weddings is that most occur on the weekends so this evening part-time gig won’t interfere or leave you exhausted with your weekday obligations.

2. Start a Shirt Business

A shirt business is a great evening part-time gig because it requires very little money to get started and there’s a high demand for well-made, custom shirts. You can easily open an online store that’s open 24/7, so you’ll be making money while at your other job and even while you sleep. There’s also the ability to start small and branch out as interest grows.

To get started you’ll need to find your niche; will you be concentrating on designs related to animals, high school sports gear, flowers, etc.? Keep in mind, this is a creative venture so you or a partner should be able to draw. Next, you’ll need to come up with a business plan. How much money are you able to use for start-up costs, where will your equipment and inventory be kept, and how will you fulfill and ship orders? These are all questions you should have ironed out before moving forward.

Then you’ll need to find a shirt supplier that’s knowledgeable in bulk screen printing, and either buy the equipment or find a printing company. When just starting it’s recommended that you purchase your press machine as it will keep costs down. Make a few samples, take some photos, and set up your store. Be sure to market your goods on social media, ask friends to share, and send emails and texts offering a coupon. These are all inexpensive ways to teach large groups.

3. Work in Catering

A part-time job in catering can take you in a few directions. If you’re looking for some spare cash and don’t want a huge amount of responsibility after putting in hours at your day job, you may want to work as a server or bartender at a local catering company or banquet hall. Another road you could take is if you’ve got a passion for food and people love the dishes you make, you can start a small in-home catering business.

You’ll need to check the local and state laws regarding this first. Many areas require you to meet certain standards and have a health inspection before being able to sell food made in your home. For example, if you’re a great baker, consider starting by making cakes or pies for special occasions.

If your family and friends know your baking is great word will spread fast and you’ll need very little marketing. The start-up costs are low, but you will need to be organized and have a plan. Catering can be a great creative outlet and you can choose how much time you want to put into it.

4. Clean Homes

If you’re organized and have an eye for details, cleaning homes could be a great weekend or evening part-time job. If you’re looking to work for yourself, there’s little to no cost to start up and people are always looking for responsible people to help them with keeping their homes tidy. If you’re going the official route, you’ll need to get a license and insurance. The license can be as little as $30 depending on your state. Insurance is usually around $2000 a month, but if your business is successful you’ll recoup that cost quickly.

Take into consideration supplies and transportation costs, as well as marketing. If this is all too much for a part-time job, consider just working for a cleaning company or some carpet cleaning companies. The pay is usually above minimum wage and often tips are involved. Many companies allow you to use an app where you’re offered jobs based on your schedule.

5. Help With Basic Home Tasks

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of stuff to do around a house. A lot of times people can’t get it all done. Whether they’re working long hours, getting older, suffering an injury, or just don’t want to, this is your chance to shine (and make some cash). Hire yourself out as a household helper.

There are a lot of apps and websites where people advertise for one-time help with tasks around their homes. You can download the apps, and fill out a survey, and your skills will be matched with jobs as they post. Jobs could include snow removal, food shopping, window cleaning, organizing a garage, or cleaning a refrigerator. Most people will have a set rate for the task, like $50 for the fridge cleaning or $100 for shoveling snow, but you can set your rates and negotiate.

This is a great gig because you’re not tied to a schedule, a boss, or any time constraints. If you don’t feel like working one night you don’t need to, just disable the app! There are also part-time jobs that occasionally help with children or the elderly.

Often, people are looking for occasional help with driving their kids to school or activities, tutoring, or improving sports skills. Elderly people are often looking for help with transportation, meal prep, or simply companionship. It’s a great weekend or part-time job because you can get many jobs done in an hour or two, pocket a nice amount of cash, and make connections with people who may call you again or recommend you to others.

6. Work at a Salon

Do you have a hair, nail, or esthetician license that seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s been collecting dust in a drawer? Well, break it out and start looking for open positions at a hair and nail salon. Working as a stylist or nail technician is the perfect evening part-time job for someone who is artistic and loves people.

Many salons prefer part-time workers so they don’t need to pay benefits. They also have trouble finding people to work later hours, so you could slide right into some great extra cash, and let’s not forget the tips. The average salon worker makes about a 20% tip on each job they complete. If you’re not a licensed you can still get a job at a salon doing other tasks like reception, shampooing clients, and clean up. These positions are excellent for students and those who may want to pursue this career and need experience.

7. Help People Move

Professional movers make an average of $23 an hour. This is pretty good money, especially if you’re just looking for something extra in your pocket. Moving companies are always looking for reliable help, so if you’re in good physical shape, and can lift heavy, bulky objects, you may want to consider a part-time job in this industry.

It’s great for people who like to travel, be outdoors, and meet new people. No two jobs are ever the same and it will help keep you in shape. If you’re not interested in working for a company, you can search online in local social media groups. Chances are you’ll consistently find people needing help with everything from big moves to small jobs like moving a couch to a basement or moving bulky old furniture to the curb.

Your chances of being hired increase if you have access to a pick-up truck or van. The best part is, if you’re only doing small jobs, you’ll likely be able to schedule them around your other responsibilities. People are usually appreciative of your labor and may even spring for a meal or offer to make your food. It doesn’t get much better than that.

8. Become a Receptionist

If you possess superior communication skills and are great with people, consider an evening part-time job as a receptionist. It’s great for people who can’t do physically strenuous work and can’t be on their feet a lot. There are many options for receptionists, including doctors’ offices, small businesses, a MedSpa or day spa, and attorneys’ offices.

Receptionists are usually the first person clients experience, so you must be personable, friendly, and knowledgeable about the services offered. Duties for this job include answering the phone, taking messages, greeting clients, and scheduling appointments. A receptionist may also need to do some filing, and data entry, and cater to a client’s needs (like getting coffee for them). The average receptionist makes about $15-$18 an hour, so it’s a good second job if you’re just looking to pay a few bills.

9. Work in Retail

Most of us have heard the horror stories of working in retail. From mean, unrealistic customers and people leaving unimaginable messes in changing rooms to shoplifting and terrible managers. While these are all true, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any job that has no challenges.

If it’s just a part-time job, chances are you won’t need to deal with the bad stuff too often. Retail work has a lot of good points too, including flexible hours, discounts, working indoors in a pleasant environment, and meeting new and interesting people. You’ll also gain valuable skills like sales and management. These are things that most employers value regardless of the industry.

Working in retail also gives you many choices in the environment as well. If you love fashion you can work in a clothing store. If you’re more of a handy person, you could choose a hardware or flooring store. The possibilities are endless, it all depends on your interests and skills. The average retail worker normally starts at their state’s minimum wage, but there’s a lot of room for growth.

10. Find Odd Jobs

Odd jobs are a great way to work part-time, make your schedule, and have some spare cash for those little extras that are often out of reach. Marketing yourself in this area is super simple and free. Start by talking to neighbors and friends, and post in local online forums offering your services.

Depending on your skills and talents you can advertise basic landscaping like lawn mowing or leaf clean up. Maybe you’re good with a hammer and nails and can do basic repairs like roof patching or siding services. People are always looking for someone to clean gutters, assemble furniture, and even hang pictures.

You’d be surprised at the simple odd jobs people need to do around their homes. You can set a price and negotiate based on time and labor. Most people are agreeable to reasonable fees because they usually need the job done quickly.

These evening part-time jobs can help you make ends meet and some are quite lucrative. Choosing the one that’s right for you can also be fun and allow you to express creativity. Many will let you meet new people and help others get through their day. So assess your talents, know your worth, and come up with a plan. Good luck!

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