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How Often Does Your Company Write Payroll Cheques?

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The advertising spots on local television and radio stations make it apparent that the holidays are fast approaching. In the midwest, Omaha Steaks is looking for temporary staff members to work very flexible hours in an effort to meet the increased orders leading up to the holidays. Trucking services hire part time staff to work any time during the day or night to help efficiently load and unload trucks that are making more and more deliveries every day as the holidays approach. Even pop up kiosks at the local malls are looking for staff to sell the seasonal merchandise that flies off the shelves during the months of November and December.
It is indeed that time of year again. Part time workers are trying to pick up extra hours. Stay at home moms are looking for temporary jobs. Even teenagers wh (more…)

07 Nov 2016

Why Your Buisness Needs Evaluation Software

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Every month, about 543,000 new businesses get on their feet, and all of the people in charge of those companies are fully aware of the risks in their ventures. As those businesses grow, so too does the risks. The solution comes from streamlining operations, broadening profit margins, and making the product and work environment as safe as possible.

But a surprising amount of money is squandered on trying to identify exactly what and where those risks are. That’s where business evaluation services come in. There are professionals, equipped with training, experience, and most importantly, software, who are able to assess the risks in your business, and your worth. This information is especially vital at the beginning of your company and at the end, and can be delivered through business valuation (more…)

29 Jul 2016

Valuing Your Business Is an Inexact Science

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Selling a business is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to determining its value. Unlike with a house or piece of commercial property, there isn’t really a standardized way to appraise businesses. Though you can put solid values on physical assets, it is much harder to value intangible assets such as patents. Still, when trying to sell your small business, it is important to find appropriate small business comps. Here are some tips for going about the valuation process.

When looking to value your business for a sale, there are two things you need to work out at the start: why you need the business valuation and assembling all the documents you will need for the valuation.

Determining why you need the valuation is usually pretty clear, (more…)

10 May 2016

The 3 Approaches to Business Valuation

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What is your business worth? In reality, this question is quite subjective. There is no one way to establish the worth of a business because business value can mean different things to different people. For instance, you might think that your company’s connection to the community is worth a lot while your investors feel that the value of your business is based entirely on income. The value of your business can change from one moment to the next depending on a variety of different factors related to the economy and other social aspects of the community in which you are established.

Business valuation is a process that determines what a business is worth in financial terms; it is largely an economic analysis exercise. There are two things you must do before you can establish the value of your company. (more…)

29 Apr 2016

6 Tips for Getting the Right Small Business Valuation for Your Company

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Finding an accurate valuation for your business may be more challenging that you think it should be. As counter intuitive as it may seem, your small business valuation is not absolute. It can be impacted by the reasons you are doing the small business valuation. The key elements in determining your business’s value are how you plan to measure it and what your circumstances are for calculating it.

6 Tips for Determining Your Small Business Valuation:

  1. Compile your data. The first thing most small business valuation experts say you need to do is get all of your data together. Get all of your financial data together (more…)

25 Apr 2016

How to Emerge From the Lottery as a Winner and Not a Sore Loser

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The American economy always seems to be in a dynamic state, rising and falling to the delight of Wall Street spectators. The economy seems to be a topic on everyone’s mind due in no small part to the coming election — both parties are hoping that their candidate will be someone who can improve the economy and bright wealth back into our nation. With millions of Americans playing the lottery every week, it may be beneficial to take a look at the status of our modern economy.

Where Did the Wealth Go?

Over the past 12 years, an onlooker may surmise that Americans had gotten richer as household income saw a 26% increase; unfortunately this is instead due to a suffering economy as the cost of living increased disproportionately by 29% in that time frame. The burst of the housi (more…)

21 Apr 2016

6 Benefits of a Currency Counter Machine

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Currency sorting machines are the little scanners that you sometimes see at the side of the bank teller’s cash register counter that count the notes for the banker. It’s basically an electric cash counter that ensures accuracy when counting out money. They also use the machine to detect counterfeit money. Coin counting machines for sale are very easy to come across and are not only used in banks but also in retail stores and government offices and pretty much anywhere that handles a large amount of cash on a regular basis. They have been quite beneficial to most companies. If you are looking for coin counting machines for sale then you might be interested in (more…)

15 Apr 2016

Selling Annuity Payments for A Bigger Slice of the Pie

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Even the most happy-go-lucky optimist, who is able to find the silver lining in anything, can run into the type of snag that seems to plague everyone at some point, and many people find it to be a longterm struggle: money. Of course, there are those who are born into money or those with incredible amounts of good luck on their side who stumble into substantial amounts of money, but most of us know what it is like to see money — or rather the lack thereof — as a major hurdle, at least at some point in our lives.

Could you sell annuity payments to help with debt?

Debt is everywhere. On average, an American household is in debt to the tune of about $129,579. About one in five Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 describe themselves as being in a serious (more…)

04 Mar 2016

The What’s What of Structured Settlements

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After receiving a structured settlement agreement, you might ask yourself — what next? The options and intricacies of these legal arrangements can often seem confusing and overwhelming.

In fact, many people wonder what they are agreeing to at all. The most important thing to know is that the monetary reparations you are receiving are intended to help you recover from whatever injury or unfair situation you were placed into, and are supposed to be a boon, not a complication. Here are some fast facts about your structured settlement, and how you can use it to decrease debt:

A structured settlement agreement is a financial arrangement whe (more…)

01 Feb 2016

Consider Hiring Record Management Services for Canadian Employees

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If you?d like to expand your business into Canada but haven?t because of the payroll issues, you?re not alone: most U.S. companies are reluctant to expand into Canada because they are unfamiliar with the jurisdictional differences between the countries.

Needless to say, it can be a challenge for a U.S. based company to be sure they are in compliance with Canadian laws when paying their Canadian employees; there are over 190 payroll processing regulatory legislative requirements in Canada.

That doesn?t mean a Canadian workforce is out of your reach, though. Professional
record management services that specialize in Canadian employment laws may be the answer to your dilemma. Over 85 percent of CPAs recommend that every small business employ expert, prof(more…)

24 Jan 2016