Cutting-Edge Data Management Solutions

Did you know that seemingly small errors can result in tens of millions in unreported revenue dollars each year? Of course, you do. It happens in business all the time. Then again, not all of these millions in unreported revenue can be attributed to error, as there are many dishonest business entities and private individuals […]

Don’t Let These Myths Stop You From Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

If your business is in the stage of considering how to accept credit cards online, you are likely asking yourself a lot of questions. How much will this cost? Will enough people actually use this feature? What if there is a security issue? What kind of credit card processing provider should I be using? Finding […]

Successful Entrepreneur Enjoys His Real Estate Success

Since 2005, the Henri Frank Group has successfully worked in one of real estate’s most competitive markets: South Florida. Frank Vigliotti, a realtor and co-founder of the celebrated Henri Frank Group sat down with us to talk about getting started in the challenging world of real estate. Starting any business is a challenge, but starting […]

A Family Can Be Expensive You Have To Try and Save Some Money

Do you take the time to look up some family budgeting tips every now and then? Why not? At this point in our economic state, everyone can benefit from family budgeting tips, and it would behoove you to adopt some of those tips into your own spending habits sooner, rather than later. Whether you are […]

Three Little Family Budgeting Tips That Could Make a Big Difference

Did you know that the average person has approximately $5,000 of revolving credit card debt? With an average interest rate of about 20%, that makes for about $1,000 being almost literally thrown away each month if you only pay the minimum. The key to overcoming debt is to budget your spending so that you can […]

Buying, Selling, and Trading International Currency As An Investment Opportunity

Many individuals are investing in foreign currency and Iraqi dinar through online currency exchanges. Investors purchase Iraqi dinar hoping that in the future the dinars to dollars conversion will be more valuable. The iraqi dinar note was previously distributed by the Iraqi currency board for the government of Iraq and the National Bank of Iraq. […]